STATS FOR SCE (Scott Elder)

Top scorer on 25 games.

Is in the top three 57 time(s).
Is in the top ten 80 time(s).
Is recorded on the scoreboards 83 time(s).

Top scoring game list: Airball, Airborne Avenger, Asteroids, Batman Animated, Excitebike, Gorf, Mappy, Millipede, Missile Command, Omega Race, PacMan, Pinbot, Race Drivin (Original), Race Drivin (Super Stunt), Rip Off (1 Player), Simpsons, Space Invaders, Star Castle, Stunt Cycle, Super Mario, Super Hang On, Tempest, Tron, Twister, Wacko

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Last Updated: 12/27/2017 10:37:17 AM